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My Story

Want to know where Endless Vitality Athletica came from and my mission?


Endless Vitality started after a girl from Indy fell in love with taking care of her mental and physical health. I have a strong passion for 1) my job as a pediatric nurse and 2) having a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym. So what does this have to do with EVA? Well my main goal has always been to do something that will make a difference in other’s lives. For a while, I didn’t know how I wanted to do that.


Honestly, it all started with my picky taste for workout clothing. I LOVE buying athletic apparel because let’s be honest, that’s usually what I am wearing if I’m not in scrubs lol. But finding a high-quality brand that didn’t cost a fortune was pretty hard. On top of that, I struggled with finding clothing that really helped me feel confident in the gym. Because who doesn’t feel EXTRA MOTIVATED in the gym when they come wearing new athletic clothing?! I had thought about starting my own line for a while but just assumed it wouldn’t work out. Until one day I decided “screw it”. LOOK AT EVA NOW!


My mission was to create a community of women that SPARK CONFIDENCE AND ENERGY!! Ladies I want you all to feel confident in these clothes!!I want you to see your own amazing qualities and abilities while you make changes to improve your health!!


Vitality : the state of being strong and full of energy


Confidence : a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s OWN ABILITIES  or QUALITIES